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Weight Loss and quick simple diet

We all struggle with weight loss daily and are constantly looking for that holly grail of weight loss. We are constantly bombarded with new diets that promise an easy way to loose weight without counting calories only if you eat these foods or avoid these foods. We all heard of the keto diet and some of you may have tried it.  Keto promises easy eight loss by keeping carbs very low.  We all think this is easy.  Avoid carbs and eat all you want in fat and protein and I wont gain any weight.  After all protein will not turn to chocolate cake in your stomach.  While this may be true and protein does not turn into chocolate cake, if you over eat any food you will store it as fat.  That is right, overeating any of the macros protein, carbs, or fat will result in weight gain. Paleo Diet is another popular diet.  You have a list of foods to eat and a list to avoid.  Sound easy enough, eat all the Paleo friendly foods and you wont gain any weight.  Lookup Paleo treats or Keto tr
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Meal Preping Basics

Why should I meal prep. Meal prepping makes it easy to stick to your diet and be more mindful of what you do eat.  When its time for lunch or dinner all you have to do is heat up the food and eat it.  By having meals prep there is less chances for cheating by being impulsive. Also by meal prepping you measure the foods you create your meal with and can adjust your calories for what you need to consume for the day.  This makes it easier to stick to your diet and stay under your allotted calories for the day. Meal prepping is easy once you get started and it can help you stick to a food budget.